Prof. D. A. Hughes                    Section M1                        Spring 2014

        This semester's class is a continuation the course that we began last fall, and this syllabus is a continuation of the syllabus that I distributed to you then for Legal Research and Writing I.  Please review all of the information in your Fall 2013 syllabus and incorporate it by reference into this document. This class will continue with Legal Research and Writing III in the summer semester, and there will be one final, four-credit grade for the whole.   

       As you know from the last semester, you will be expected to complete satisfactorily periodic graded and ungraded assignments in order to receive credit for this course. Students will complete and hand in periodic "library assignments," which are designed to walk them through the basics of the various print and online resources that are necessary for legal research. Students who fail assignments (including not handing them in), whether graded or ungraded, may be required to do them over again at my discretion. Graded assignments that are turned in after the deadline will be docked 5 points for every hour they are late to a maximum of 50 points per day. A paper that is 5 minutes late incurs the first hour's penalty, and so forth. Extensions for medical and other emergencies will be granted only if timely made to me for compelling reasons.

REQUIRED TEXTS  (same as last semester)        

R. Neumann & K. Tiscione, Legal Reasoning and Legal  Writing (7th ed. 2013) ISBN 9781454826972. 

A. Sloan, Basic Legal Research (5th ed. 2012) - ISBN 9781454808473. 

R. Haydock et al., Fundamentals of Pretrial Litigation (9th ed. 2013) - ISBN 9780314286574. 

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed. 2010) - ISBN 9780615361161. 

Black's Law Dictionary (4th pocket ed. 2011) - ISBN 978031427544.


        The two graded assignments for this semester and their weight are as follows:

1.   Research Exam - Given on March 10, 2014


2.   Open Memo - Due at 6:00 p.m. on April 7, 2014



        My office is, as you know, Room 456 in the library; my office telephone number is 614-236-6476; my Capital web page is; my email address is My office hours are by appointment, and emailing me is the best way to set up an appointment.  Conferences about assignments will be scheduled by sign-up sheets.




      LRW II  -  Tentative List of Readings & Assignments




 Introduction to Legal Research: Sloan, Chapters 2, 3, & 10.
***Return Rewrite.***




 ***No Class Meeting - MLK Day***




 Cases and Digests: Sloan, Chapter 5.
***Assign Library Assignment #1.***




 Citators: Sloan, Chapter 6.
*** Library Assignment #1 Due.  Library Assignment #2 Assigned.***




 Statutes: Sloan, Chapter 7.
*** Library Assignment #2 Due.  Library Assignment #3 Assigned.***




 Legislative History: Sloan, Chapter 8.
*** Library Assignment #3 Due.  Library Assignment #4 Assigned.***




 Administrative Law: Sloan, Chapter 9.
*** Library Assignment #4 Due.  Library Assignment #5 Assigned.***




 Secondary Sources: Sloan, Chapter 4.
 Summary of Research Procedure and Making A Research Plan: Sloan, Chapter 11. 
*** Library Assignment #5 Due.*** 




*****Research Exam In Class.****
**** Open memo Assigned.****





 Investigation: Haydock, Chapter 2.




 ***No Class Meeting - Spring Break-- but the "Fail-Safe" Research Outline Is Due By 6:00 p.m. via email to Prof. Hughes on Monday, March 25th.***




 Pleadings: Haydock, Chapter 3.




 ***Open Memoranda Due In Class at 6:00 p.m.***





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